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Will Your Dog Howl Like a Coyote for
Our New Howling Coyote® Treats?

Charles Ralph Patiently Waits For His Treat!

Midnight Loves Howling Coyote!

Ginger Gingerly Takes A Treat!

Hey Leo. There's A Warning Label On here

Sadie's Fav!

Harper and Rory Say Yes Please!

Ginger Chows Down!

Milo Loves The Crunch!

Mason Has The Munchies!

Buckeye Speaks Up For A Treat!

Brandy Says Thanks Jake!

Storm & Sky Nibble Gently!

Olaf Gets Unfinicky!

Go 1, 2, 3 Wyatt!

Easy Gryffindor!

Good Catch Luna!

Catch It Dani!

Rusty Locates A Lost Treat!

Arya Waits Patiently!

Ranger Chows Down!

GoGo Koko!

Oscar Inspects His Package From Salty Dog!

Treats Approved By Sully!

Yum Says Mitchell!

Yum Yum Goes Mylo!

Lucy Loves A Coyote Treat!

Nora Munches On Her Present!

Teddy Loves Howling Coyote!

Hartley Waits Patiently For A Treat!

Go JoJo!

Cody Goes Wild For A Treat!!
Sit! Roll Over! Turn Around! Down! Shake!

Opal Spins For A Treat!

Panama Jack!

Luna Loves Howling Coyote

Scout Races For A Treat.
Fast As A Coyote!

Houdini and Percival Say Yum!

Dallas Never Bites Fingers or Toes!

Zoey Loves 'Em!

Red Enjoyed Christmas 2022!

Bentley on Auto Feed!

Don't Bite The Hand!

Gentle Nibblers!

Approved By Charlie!

Coco Spins For A Treat!


Konstantine & North Love 'Em

Molly Sneaks A Treat


Maisie Lou!

Zeke Howls For A Kibble

Ziggy Dances In Mt Pleasant

Penny Goes Easy On The Fingers

Duck Lounges By The Seaside

Rock Rocks A Treat

Kai Steals The Whole Bag


Chloe's Trick For Treat!

Jobi Skies!

Penny - Spokes Model for Salty Dog!

Julep Enjoys A Treat!

Watch Those Digits!


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Howling Coyote Treats
Produced for The Salty Dog
Sawmill Creek Smokehouse
1206 Fording Island Rd
Bluffton, SC 29910